Sun is a limitless and clean energy source. Most important environmental problem of our days, namely global warming has arose from the increasing rate of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Widespread usage of solar power is one of the most important elements in taking this environmental treat under control. However, construction of every piece of solar panel should be seen as a factor that reduces the external dependence of our country in power procurement.

To this end, our company offers to its investors optimum PV system solutions in a wide range of projects from domestic applications to MW – based facilities under Regulation for Unlicensed Power Production. Our products makes different in terms of efficiency, safe technologic structure, and quality tests.


  • Determination of the field and settlement point
  • Determination of regional and point climate data
  • Identification of existing power for the new system
  • Determination of the eligible conditions for the incentives
  • Preparation of pre-feasibility and feasibility reports
  • Permits of agency/organization and land ownership study
  • Financial analysis and selection of the proper solar panels
  • Solution of project finance
  • Establishment of the facility, operating, maintenance & repair services