ke1If you want to be a solution either in institutional or personal level on the global warming and climate changes, come and let us to calculate your carbon footprint. The voluntary carbon credits that you will buy against the quantity of carbon release resulted from your or your company’s consumption of power, natural gas, or paper or from activities such as taking a flight or driving a vehicle will provide a direct contribution to a renewable energy plant that produces energy without polluting the environment, and you will be supporter of local contributions during the construction and operating of the facility in our rural regions. Such emission reduction certificates are emerged a result of the reports prepared according to identified carbon reduction methodologies under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and approved by independent third parties (DOEs – Designated Operational Entities) authorized by UNFCCC.

 Contribution you will make by buying carbon credits

  • You should know that if it weren’t for the wind power plant we would have to obtain the same energy either from fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, etc) or by importing even more natural gases. Now, you will be supporting an eco-friendly project that reduces our external dependency in energy by buying carbon credits.
  • You will be contributing to the local employment created during construction and operation of the facility.
  • You will be contributing to the social and economic parameters that local residents makes benefit of; to a village school built by an investor; to a carpet weaving course designed for our women; to a bird observation house for nature lovers; or to the infrastructure of a village (roads, sewage, etc).
  • You will elevate your brand value by the sensitiveness you show to climate change.
  • You will be preparing for carbon footprint inventory during the transition to low carbon economy, and gaining experience.