k1Cogeneration unit is a system with modular structure that preferably used in places with heat consumption and that produces electricity power and heat power with the same fuel. This system relies on the principle of combined heat and power system.

Combustive engines, namely diesel or gas engines are used as drives for the production of power. Also gas turbines are used.

The system ensures high level of energy saving due to its high rate of efficiency in comparison to traditional natural gas and electricity procurement methods. It also reduces the releasing rate of emission. Waste heat obtained from heat production is used on-site. Efficiency of power production varies between 25% and 59% regardless the size of the facility. With use of thermal power production efficiency of the facility is close to 85%-90.

Sectors and business types where the cogeneration facilities could be built:

  • Textile
  • Paper and paper products
  • Rock and Soil Products
  • Chemistry – Petroleum
  • Cement
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Food
  • Iron & steel
  • Metal products and Machine
  • Community Building/Building Complex
  • Work places/ Offices

Balkaya Energy offers alternative solutions in the establishment of cogeneration units. According to our Build-Operate Model the entire investment cost of the facility will be met by our company, procurement of heat and electricity of your business is ensured by us. Operational expenses of your business will be minimized with “zero” cost by ensuring a significant saving against current natural gas and electricity unit price.

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