Balkaya has started its commercial activities in 1960 with sales of building materials and construction business. Until 2004 the company has continued to its activities in various sectors including petroleum products, technical services, and construction business. In 2004 the company has decided to expand and established a subsidiary company named Balkaya Insaat Limited to enter the field of large scale construction projects.

Offering a comfortable and high quality life with a joy of making investment that produces added value for its customers by building boutique projects at the promising locations has become a pillar of Balkaya Insaat.

Moving toward even larger projects with the confident that it righteously acquired by ensuring building quality along with high quality of life in every projects it completed so far Balkaya Insaat has won its place among the distinguished companies of building sector.

By adopting the customer satisfaction as unconditional priority Balkaya executes its all projects with an experienced group comprised by engineers and architects. Balkaya has achieved high quality standards by working with proven, well-known suppliers around the world as well as in Turkey.



Construction of “Sun Flower Shopping and Life Center” has started in 2004 and completed in 2006. Project involved 98 shops, a movie theatre and food court floor on 5.800 square meter closed area. Sun Flower has become a preferable project for prestigious brands of Turkey and the world.


Construction of Outland Shopping Center has started in 2005 and was completed in 2007. Project involved 14.100 m2 in total with 6.110 m2 of it is rental. Designed to contain 133 shops, a branch of bank, and food court floor Outland AVM has become the choice of the consumer at the junction point of Bahçeşehir and Esenkent.


Balkaya Homes project was started in 2007 in Mibaroba and completed in 2008. Built on an area of 3.000 m2 the project involves 6.500m2 closed area construction. Balkaya Homes comprises 28 units in 3 three blocks, being 7 units are duplex and 21 units are 3+1 condos.  Project has an enjoyable panoramic view including Marmara Sea and drawn intense attention by high standard of delivery.


Designed as an elite project for 85 families on an area of 23.500 m2 in Bahçeşehir, the construction of Citycourt was started in 2008. Completed in 2010 the project involved 3- storey individual and twin villas that constitute construction of 23.400 m2 closed area. Citycourt has soon placed itself among the prestigious projects by its facilities such green areas, a pond, sport areas, indoor and outdoor pools, Turkish bath, sauna and playground.


Balkaya continues to its services at the gas stations owned since 1986 along with its activities in building sector.

The very first station was opened in 1986 on the road of Avcilar – Firuzkoy. BP brand, 2.000 m2 gas station contains a market, car wash station, and repair section, all of them at service 24/7.

Opened in 2010 on the road of Esenyurt – Kirac the second station was built on an area of 3050 m2. BP brand gas station continues to its standard service and has an office building in which activities of Balkaya Insaat, wholesale electricity and energy consultancy are managed.


Supplying power to free consumers since 27/10/2010 under the name of Balkaya Wholesale Electricity Corp. and license given by T.R. Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) with a number of ETS/2837-3/1727, our company is an exceptional value for the liberalizing power market of Turkey.

With its wide customer portfolio, solid structure of capital, young and dynamic experts, and before and after sales service standards it offers to its subscribers Balkaya Energy makes a different in the sector.


Our subsidiary company offers a range of turn-key service including field selection, preparation of pre- and final feasibility reports, procurement of facility components, and project finance solutions to our investors who wants to involve in production of energy from renewable sources of energy (solar and wind) under unlicensed energy production. In addition to these, operating in carbon emission sector which is rapidly growing in transition process to low carbon economy our company creates alternative solutions for the sector players through its expert national and international connection in order to bring together the carbon certificates developed in the voluntary carbon markets (VERs – OTC) with the buyers.